Is it Time to Swap Your Electric Toothbrush for a Manual Model?

  • By Joel Snyder
  • 13 Sep, 2016

It’s a popular belief that electric toothbrushes do a better job and while this may often be the case, dentists are worried that many people are not using their brushes properly and this is contributing to oral health problems.

Electric toothbrushes are designed to use electrical power to clean the tooth thoroughly. However, dentists are concerned that using brushes incorrectly is causing a large number of people to suffer from gum problems and increased tooth sensitivity. With an electric toothbrush, the brush is designed to do all the hard work for you. If you employ additional power by using your hands to brush more firmly, this can cause damage to the enamel and gums.

Natasha Vigille is a 40 year old carer who swapped her manual brush for an electrical model three years ago. She soon noticed that her gums were receding and her teeth felt incredibly sensitive. When she went to see her dentist, Natasha expected to be told she had a cavity or early signs of gum disease and was shocked to hear she had been over-brushing and had worn down her enamel. Her dentist said she had been brushing too hard with her new toothbrush and this had caused her gums to become irritated and her enamel to become thin. Natasha was forced to have enamel fillings to strengthen the outer layer of her teeth.

Dentists have warned that stories like Natasha’s have become much more commonplace in recent years and advise patients to be cautious when using powerful modern brushes. London-based cosmetic dentist Dr Beeta Salek-Haddadi said there has been a noticeable increase in the number of patients showing signs of enamel damage and gum recession caused by brushing too hard and fast with electric toothbrushes.

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Fabulous Smiles Tips and News

By Jennifer Lotfy 12 Nov, 2017

From seeing the spooky forceps and needles to even smelling dental compounds, 5-8% of patients refuse to seek dental care all together and 20% of patients will only go to the dentist when necessary.

I think I have odontophobia. What can I do to prevent panic during visits?

  1. Easier said than done - practice positive self-talk! Tell yourself “YOU CAN DO IT!”

  2. Make sure to remind yourself “everything WILL be okay.” Your dentist is a professional and is someone you can trust.

  3. Don’t be nervous - speak up to your dentist. Let him/her know when you’re having a rough time. Listening to your concerns face-to-face helps both sides - you and your dentist. Your dentist can help make an ideal and reasonable commitment that makes you feel comfortable because dental health is SO important! Knowledge is power!

  4. Download your favorite podcast, album, or playlist before heading to the office. Distract your thoughts and link the experience to something you ENJOY.

  5. Don’t forget headphones! Your dentist will not be upset if you put your headphones in to distract your thoughts.

  6. Take deep breaths! Think about pleasant experiences in your life to stay calm.

  7. Here at Fabulous Smiles, we have a therapy dog named Bailey that will ease any panic you might have.

By Jennifer Lotfy 07 Nov, 2017
 This easy to read chart applies for all ages - to fight bad breath, gum disease, and cavities.
By Katharine Jones 29 Sep, 2017

You never outgrow your smile!

Make sure your selfies and Holiday pics show you with healthy White Teeth! As October approaches, let's plan for the end of year checkup and benefits review. Accepting new patients, Delta Dental preferred providers. Other plans accepted, Call today for details and to set up an appointment.


By Joel Snyder 14 Sep, 2017
We believe that a Holistic approach to dentistry is about caring for the individual and not just what insurance recommends. The anxiety of going to the dentist is more the fear of neglect and infrequent visits, causing compounding problems and escalating cost. That is why this approach works, saving time and money, fear and anxiety, inconvenient appointments, and repeated office visits.

The Holistic approach looks at the entire person, your environment, and more importantly your health! Many health related issues can cause dental problems. Cancer treatments , pharmaceuticals, diabetes, and other reactive side effects from medial treatments (and lack of treatments) all contribute to oral health. Knowing more about the person and creating a treatment plan that fits their lifestyle is key to maintaining good oral health. The opposite can also be true, as bad oral care leads to other health related complications and infections.

Even healthy people need to maintain regular checks and monitoring. Cosmetic treatments, sealing of tooth enamel and cavity prevention, even treating of minor gum disease can improve overall lasting health. Allow yourself to be treated based on your lifestyle, and not to be ruled by insurance and corporate plans. The biggest benefits are lasting health and reducing the overall financial exposure.

Fabulous Smiles Concierge services include:
  1. Extended appointment times
  2. Personal and Private Treatment in our Spa-like modern office
  3. Quadrant dentistry to reduce office visits
  4. Holistic dental treatment plans for maintaining oral health

Check out our special for New Clients , to experience why more people are choosing a Concierge Dentist over traditional dental clinics today.
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