Concierge Dentistry

Concierge Dentistry in a Spa-like Atmosphere

More professionals need time sensitive, comprehensive services and are utilizing this specialized service level to get more work done in fewer visits.
Katharine Jones DDS of Fabulous Smiles Dental Center, formally Ralston Dental Care, has reshaped her practice and specializes as a solo Concierge Dentist. "After more than 20 years of practicing general and cosmetic dentistry, I realized our clients prefer a comprehensive approach". Dr. Jones gives each patient a detailed personal consultation of their needs and outlines a treatment plan.

"With this type of service, we are completely focused on the work at hand, delivering a high level of quality and detailed results, without the distractions of high patient volume. Quadrant dentistry allows us to work on regions of the mouth and complete the necessary treatment, often in a single visit. Aesthetic dentistry allows us to create award winning smiles for those in high visibility positions".

In an industry growing each year, the increase of dental clinics and multiple dentists in each office is creating a lower standard of personalized and time-sensitive services. At Fabulous Smiles Dental Center, Dr. Jones maintains a one-on-one relationship and treatment history, with ongoing communication that is so critical to successful dental care.
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