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Aesthetic Dentistry and Teeth Whitening Belmont

Aesthetic Dentistry is the field of dentistry dedicated to the art and science of enhancing a person’s smile and overall appearance, restoring teeth maintaining natural teeth movement and beauty and is one of the fastest growing areas in dentistry.
How do you choose an aesthetic dentist? Many general dentists perform at least some types of aesthetic dental procedures. Choosing the right dentist for you, one with substantial experience in complex cases, extensive hands-on training, and a gentle approach that compliments your needs and wants is critical to achieving the most successful outcome – your fabulous new smile. Before making life-altering and major decisions about your appearance, you owe it to yourself to consider these factors.

1. Post-Graduate Training Aesthetic Dentistry

It may surprise you to learn that the vast majority of dental schools do not offer any courses in aesthetic dentistry. For the few that do, they are usually limited to only a few introductory courses. Therefore, it is crucial that the aesthetic dentist that you select has completed a series of lecture and hands-on courses in aesthetic dentistry. Currently, one of the leading programs in the world is the Pacific Aesthetic Continuum (PAC-Live) at the University of the Pacific in San Francisco. Our doctor and her team have completed extensive hands-on training at this institution as well as hundreds of hours at other cutting-edge professional education courses.

2. Extensive Smile Design Experience

Before you randomly select a dentist out of the phone book or rely on your long-time family dentist to give you the smile of your dreams, think again. Great aesthetic dentistry is an art. Many general dentists have not performed enough aesthetic smile design cases to achieve a mastery of this art. So, if you are considering veneers, for example, you should ask exactly how many veneers the cosmetic dentist has placed. Dr. Jones has given her clients hundreds of veneers and has the expertise to give you a fabulous smile.

3. Before and After Photos

You’ll want to look at before and after photos of aesthetic dentistry and make sure that these photos are of cases similar to yours.

4. Other Considerations

Ask for references from other clients, a tour of the office including the sterilization area, and ask about the dental materials and the dental laboratory used by our doctor.
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